We love watches. And we love casual luxury. In our professions as a Stockbroker and Consultant we often meet men and women who are well dressed but without a stylish wrist watch. Nowadays, mobile phones have taken over as the timepiece.

We want to change that. After doing a ton of research we decided to create the perfect classic watch available to most people. When we created Wood & Sea® we wanted to combine the history and legends of the Nordic environment and climate.

An elegant wooden boat docked at the rugged east coast may stand as the inspiration for the name. Classic racing cars gives history of bygone engineering and creative spirit. The cold winter and the sometimes harsh northern climate represents durability and elegance. 

Jens & Niklas - Founders of Wood & Sea®
Farhult, Sweden

Wood & Sea® is a registered trademark (No.: 530338). The company that runs / Wood & Sea® is Dinka AB and has its headquarters in Farhult (Höganäs), Sweden. Corporate identity number: 559021-7021. 


Water resistant

Our watches are not waterproof. Suitable for everyday use and are "easy" rain/splash resistant but should avoid direct contact with water.

24 months warranty on all products bought at and valid from date of purchase. Wood & Sea (Dinka AB) assess whether the damage is covered by the warranty.

The warranty does not cover:

* Bracelets and batteries

* Damage accident, falls or blows

* Water and moisture damage (our watches is NOT protective against the shower and bath)

Customs and VAT

All prices include Swedish VAT. Customers outside the European Union are required to pay their country's VAT and customs duty in the event it will be.

Personal information

When ordering you agree that your personal information, including email address, cell phone number for calls and SMS messages, and any other digital addresses can be stored and used by Wood & Sea (Dinka AB) for marketing and for statistical and analytical purposes.